Olivia Sullivan – Artist

Image Credit: Carl Bigmore


Olivia Sullivan’s creative practice investigates alternative storytelling through graphic narratives, moving image and art installation. Olivia uses psychogeographic poetry and stories, to create emotive and imaginative responses to locations through a range of media and materials. Olivia develops creative approaches to presenting graphic narratives beyond print formats, that can connect an audience on an experiential level.

The foundation of Olivia’s practice is in comics. She a published comic book artist and works with independent UK publishers to distribute her solo work and contribute to comic anthologies. Olivia’s moving image practice is experimental, she create films using methods including hand drawn animation and 16mm film. Recently, she has used the fulldome format to explore a combination of digital and analogue methods. For If A Tree Falls, Olivia used a 360° camera and digitally manipulated the spherical footage to reflect the processes of gravitational lensing.



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