Grizedale Forest Site Visit

In early June 2018, we travelled to Grizedale Forest to meet with curator Hazel Stone, and to understand how the gallery spaces we would exhibit in were situated within the forest. Grizedale is a working forest, but this year, it also celebrates its 50th anniversary as the UK’s oldest forest sculpture park. It is a World Heritage and Dark Skies site renowned for some of England’s finest stargazing opportunities. These artistic, scientific and cultural credentials offer an extraordinary and apposite location for the If A Tree Falls collaboration.

Spending time in Grizedale gave us an opportunity to develop the ideas for the final exhibition in situ, to understand how our audiences might interact with our work as the come in and out of the forest. It was also interesting to observe how the curators present their collection of artworks within the forest environment. There is a beautiful sense of integration, of one thing sitting easily inside another – an ongoing dialogue between interpretation, creativity, nature and science amongst the trees and under large star filled skies.






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