Forest as a Foundation

In the initial planning of this project we thought of Grizedale Forest simply as the final destination for our exhibition, but as our collaboration unfolds the role of the forest becomes an important aspect of our investigation, informing our thinking and discussion, as well as the materiality and direction of the artworks in development. The complex forest system has expanded our collaborative process by enabling conversations to expand naturally in a domain which cannot be defined fully by either art or science.

In the forest, traditional disciplinary approaches are out of context; a cosmologist is more than a scientist, and an artist is more than a creator; they become participants, observers, receivers and transmitters. The familiarity of ‘known-territory’ is undone in Grizedale Forest — it is quiet in way one can’t remember in London,  there are no walls to contain thinking, the air is clear amongst the trees, and complexity is the norm. The forest invites embodied thinking, conceptual openness and new approaches to complex questions. There is space to breathe, and time to contemplate and observe. Grizedale Forest is a place where being and knowing are brought into balance.







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