Epping Forest Workshops

In June 2018, the If A Tree Falls group spent an intensive weekend in Epping Forest on the outskirts of London. The intention of the weekend was to immerse the group in a forest environment to erode preconceived ideas and unlearn disciplinary boundaries, so that shared goals and new modes of thinking could emerge.   

Each artist and cosmologist group were invited to lead practice-based workshops to test and communicate their developing scientific and artistic ideas. In this process, the groups led the Tree participants, and three guests from the Royal Society, through a series of enquiries in which entropy was explored through sand mandalas, algorithms provided maps with which to navigate the forest, and portable microscopes brought the innate complexity of feathers, leaves and cobwebs into view. The artists were investigators, the cosmologists were creators and the group experienced the excitement of new ways of seeing.

A number of the artists, scientists and project team spent the night under the stars in the Epping Forest campsite to immerse themselves completely in the forest. Over the space of the weekend the role of the forest as a facilitator of interdisciplinary thinking and practice became abundantly clear.


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