Daniele Giannetti – Designer

Daniele Giannetti is a multimedia artist with a background in product design. His recent work designed for the RCA School of Communication Degree Show began with the book “De Architectura”, in which Vitruvius talks about sounding vessels (Echea) that were used in theatres in Rome and Greece to augment their acoustics. Similar vessels dating to the Middle Ages have been found all over Europe, especially in Britain and northern France, inside the walls of churches.

Daniele developed a proposal for an “acoustic land art” structure, a study of acoustic vessels in an immersive installation which invited the public to make sound inside the structure and play with the resonances of the vases.

The structure is designed for sound workshops or any other activity involving audio resonance or listening. It can be tuned for different frequencies depending on the request: the vases and the sizes of the structure are tuned together so that certain frequencies resonate.

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