Arthur Loureiro – Cosmologist

A section of the 3D map from the BOSS galaxy survey containing around 120,000 galaxies. This is the biggest 3D galaxy survey of the Universe and it has a total of 1.15 Million galaxies. The furthest away galaxies in this map are 7 billion years in the past. Image Credit: BOSS Collaboration and J. Tinker.

Arthur Loureiro is a PhD Candidate studying Observational Cosmology at University College London. His main research focus is the large scale structure of the distribution of galaxies in the Universe. Arthur works with large catalogues of galaxies, real data from real giant telescopes. Currently, he is trying to measure the mass of tiny almost massless ghost particles, called neutrinos, using this large galaxy catalogues of the Universe. Neutrinos are everywhere, but catching one them is extremely difficult, they are very anti-social. However, they do respond to gravity like everything else, which means that the distribution of galaxies in the Universe will be affected by these ghost particles. Looking at the sky may help us understand neutrinos in a way that particle accelerators cannot.

Percentage of Early and Late Universe components. Neutrinos were very abundant in the early Universe and played a major role in the formation of structure in the Universe. Image Credit: NASA

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