Algorithmic Space-time Fabric

Project leader, Michaela French contributed two artworks to the If a Tree Falls exhibition. These works were a continuation of her Museum of Light series and featured light emitting and reflective materials, knitting and found objects.

The artworks considered knitting as derived from algorithms: rules which determine how structures, actions, and patterns emerge and interrelate. In physics, Einstein was the first to understand that space and time themselves are shaped by such a set of rules. In her algorithmic artworks, Michaela draws parallels between the knitted form and the structure of the universe, by allowing the repetition of rules and actions to define and shape the artworks. Each stitch of light is a presence. The empty space between the stitches is an absence that we know as darkness.

Algorithmic Space-time Fabric was exhibited in a small dark room to the side of the first gallery and light reflecting from the surfaces of the artworks, drew visitors to investigate the structures in more detail. To view these artworks the audience had to move around each piece, swaying side to side to animate the light or to catch a focused magnified view of the illuminated knitted structures. In this way the body, light, cosmology and the underlying structures of the universe became primary points of conversation in this space.



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